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Whatever your condition, you will benefit from a wide variety of effective methods, including manual manipulation, physical medicine, rehabilitation/exercise, and nutritional supplements, that will be used at Clemens Chiropractic Clinic to put together a custom treatment for you.

Most insurance plans are accepted.


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• Diversified technique - Employing motion palpation and manual adjusting to the affected regions to restore the body's biomechanics, resulting in increased mobility and decreased pain.

• Flexion/distraction technique - A specialized table is used to treat lower back ailments, taking pressure off the disc and commonly used to treat herniated discs.

• Manual manipulation - A manipulation of the joints of the body, particularly the spine, in order to reduce pain and restore or enhance joint function.

Time-tested chiropractic techniques

• Electrical muscle stimulation - This technique stimulates muscles with an electrical pulse to decrease spasms / pain.

• Mechanical traction - This method takes pressure off the disc and decompresses the spine.

• Ultrasound - A treatment that decreases swelling in the soft tissue.

• Rehabilitation - Different types of stretches, including post-isometric relaxation stretching (PIR). We do dynamic lumbar stabilization core strengthening exercises, which decrease pain in muscles and tendons.

Effective treatment for you

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