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Find treatment for all of your musculoskeletal conditions, from neck pain to headaches to low back pain and more, by stopping by or calling Clemens Chiropractic Care. New patients are always welcome!

Whether your pain has been caused by a work injury, auto accident, sports injury, or personal injury, you can count on Clemens Chiropractic Care to provide you with relief:

• Whiplash

• Neck pain

• Headaches

• Lower back pain

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Don't sacrifice your comfort

Making sure your diet contains the right nutrients is a vital component of healing and recovery. Get advice on how you can improve your food intake and have access to different supplements:

• Fish oil and flaxseed oil

• Calcium antioxidants

• Multivitamins

• Proteolytic enzymes

Add nutrition to your treatment

You shouldn't have to suffer any longer than you have to - stop by today and get a consultation from Dr. Terry Clemens.

You won't have to wait another day to treat your pain

Get timely alignment that isn't a pain in the neck

Most insurance plans are accepted.


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